4 Ways to Gift Rioja for the Holidays

Celebrate the holidays by giving the gift of Rioja. We have been living and breathing wine for more than two millennia, and today, families and communities get together in Rioja to make wine in harmony with our land. Wine is who we are and everything we do. Made with passion and rigor, there is a Rioja for everyone and for every moment. Gifting Rioja will make this holiday season memorable for you and for the ones you love.

Rioja cutting board gift idea

Gift Idea #1: Create a Cutting Board Gift Set

Cheese, olives, crackers, and jam all tied up in a festive bow. A fancy cheese knife set bound to a small cutting board with some twine and a stem of pine. Creating a DIY Cutting Board Gift Set is a great way to serve up a “Thank You” to your host or hostess. Whatever you choose to create, just pick out a favorite Rioja Red, White, or Rosé wine to make it complete.

Rioja gifting idea, serving bowl

Gift Idea #2: Wine “Basket”

Give the party host or hostess a Rioja “Basket” to say “thanks for the invite”! DIY with a large wooden serving bowl and add a great Rioja wine (or two), some serving utensils, drink coasters, and a wine opener—or customize it with other items you know they’ll love. It’s a great way to show some cheer for their holiday hospitality.

Gifting Rioja - Wine Self-Care Package

Gift Idea #3: Rioja Wine Self-Care Package

Give someone you love some well-deserved indulgence with a Rioja Self-Care Package. Create one for a cozy night in with a soft throw, some comfy slippers, a good book, and a bottle of their favorite Rioja white. Or add in some me-time items for a relaxing bath, like bubbles, chocolates, scented holiday candles, a wine tumbler, and (of course) a lovely Rioja red. Whatever you choose to put in your self-care package, they’re sure to uncork, unwind and enjoy.

Rioja bottle wrapping

Gift Idea #4: Creative Ways to Wrap Rioja

All the wine lovers on your list will love their creatively wrapped bottles of Rioja. Wrap a bottle in kraft paper and add a festive flourish of nature with a sprig of spruce or holly. You can also get creative with tea towels and holiday ornaments, tissue paper with fresh-cut flowers, or fancy it up with a dramatic fanned wrapping tied up in twine. The possibilities are endless.

Get started with your gift by picking out the wine!

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